At the age of 15 years old, Victoria Thompson unlike any other young girls at her age wants a baby so badly that she don’t even mind having to sleep with 100 men. She appeared on an episode of Maury featuring in the “I’m in the 9th grade… You can’t stop me from having a baby!” episode.

In 2008, Victoria returned to the Maury show with a life update. She had changed her ways, however she was pregnant. She did say that she plans on staying in school, and won’t steal to provide. On July 10th, 2009 it was told to the freaks that she now has a Youtube video account.

And in Feb 2010, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, by the name, Joven Angel.

As of November, 2011, she was a “model” on the porn site under the username “BellaSparxxx” She can be seen in one of her photos with a stroller in the back seat. She reportedly loves it when people go into her chat room and mention “I love Maury!”